Keeping the Skating Culture Alive……..Interview With Matteo Dallas


Skating Culture continues to expand, impact and influence many cultures all over the world. The popularity of skateboarding seems to have contributed to an increase of shops opening up, with a vast selection of brands and merchandise. In this interview we talk with Matteo Dallas about what inspired him to open up his own store called  the Central Skate Shop.

By Arkteknologies

What inspired you to open up a skate shop?

I live in a small city called Roquebrune Cap Martin in French Riviera near Monaco and Italy. There is a lot of skaters, but there is not a true shop who represent real street skate culture. Opening a skate shop has my dream since i was young.

Being that your Shop is in France, could you tell us about the skating culture there?

The skateboard in France is now a big thing.  There is a lot of skaters who inspired the skate scene all around the world like Lucas Puig, Kevin Rodrigues, Vincent touzery, JB Gillet and Flo Mirtain…
In Paris there is a big Skate Plaza named Place de la République, where the professionals came to film video and make demos.

Are you a Skateboarder as well?

Yes I have been skating since 1992.


Who are some of your favorite skateboarders past and present?

My favorite skateboarders from the past are Mike Carroll, Eric Koston and Gino Ianucci. Now it’s Lucas Puig, Ishod Wair, Miles Silvas and Bobby de Kaiser.

Do your shop get alot customers that’s visiting from different countries?

Yes! The french riviera is a big touristic place and in summer there is a lot of people from all around the world (russia, danemark, italy, spain, england…).

What are some of the merchandise you sell in your store?

I sell some skate shoes from Adidas Skateboarding and Converse Skateboard. I also sell the core skate brand like Magenta Skateboard, Palace, Polar, Fucking Awesome and the french brand called Hélas Caps.


It seems that your shop offers a variety of brands. Is it based on demand? or because of customers with diverse tastes?

The skateboarders here knows what they want and like the european brand like Palace, Hélas Caps and Magenta Skateboard. Now, some skate brands are in fashion game like Thrasher stussy and rip dip .

Do you sponsor skating events?

There are no events here and it’s a small city, but I sponsor some good kids from Monaco they represent for the shop.

What do you envison for Central Skate Shop in the future?

I try to maintain my shop stable, skateboard bussness is not easy, but i do my best to keep the skate culture alive.

Where can Customers find you online?

Yes I have a website

can ship everywhere in europe.

This my facebook page